Friday, April 10, 2015

Chocolate Bowl

Here is my first blog starting with some sweet for good luck. I have no sweet tooth but of course my son has it. My kids are crazy about chocolate and that's why I created the chocolate bowl for them with some healthy berries filled up....
Chocolates are most favorite in all age groups. Most commonly chocolate comes in dark,white and milk varieties  in all, my favorite is Dark chocolate. Dark chocolate may gives positively affect the circulatory system and also reduce blood pressure. Chocolate may lower cholesterol in adults too and may boost congnitive abilities
So why not try this innovative way to serve chocolate.
Kids would love it with healthy berries at snack time.
Thank you again for supporting me on my 1st blog. I'll catch u guys soon with some mouthwatering recipes soon. 

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  1. Hey, good beginning and welcome to the blog world! Awaiting many more recipes from chef Rupal! Wish you good luck!