Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Stuffed Chikki

   "With great devotion, fervor & gaiety, 
           With rays of joy & hope, wish you & your family,
                               Happy Makar Sankranti!"
                        Makar Sankranti celebrated in several states in India. It's harvest festival and essentially also mean to welcome the spring! Like every festive celebration, it is a time when mouth-watering traditional delicacies are lined up. Til (Sesame seeds)  Ki chikki, is one of them too. Making Til ki chikki or ladoo is tradition followed in most Indian households to bring in this festive. All you have to do is melt Jaggery and pourin lots of toasted sesame seeds, transfer this mix on kitchen surface, flatten to make a chikki or ladoo.
      Of course, I'm going to share simple and easy recipe of this Chikki with just jiffy stuffing recipe. Just follow the recipe step by step and serve this amazing Stuffed Chikki to friend and family while flying kites. Your kites will never fall away after eating this awesomely delish Stuffed Chikki..! 

For Chikki;
1/4 cup Jaggery (Gor)
3 tbls Sesame seeds (Til)
For Stuffing;
1/2 tsp Ghee
2 tbls chopped Dates
1 1/2 tbls roughly crushed Almond & Walnut or Pecan
1 tbls chocolate chips or chocolate syrup
1/2 tsp Honey
For Chikki:
* Heat the heavy bottom pan on slow flame.
* Add jaggery and cook on slow flame till jiggery gets fluffy and light.
* Once jaggery gets fluffy turn off the stuff and add Til (sesame seeds)
* Mix well.
* Transfer this jiggery and sesame seeds mixture on the greased kitchen surface quickly.(Make two parts of mixture and work on it one by one to make 2 cones of Chikki.)
* Roll it thin and give it cone shape to this Chikki.
Make sure work fast to give Chikki the perfect cone shape.
* Keep the chikki on side.
For Stuffing:
* Heat the pan with Ghee.
* Add chopped Dates in it and cook till gets little soft.
* Add crushed almond and walnut or pecan.
* Add Honey and stir well.
* Add Chocolate chips or chocolate syrup and turn off the stove.
* Mix well until chocolate gets melt.
For Serving:
* Fill this stuffing into Chikki cones.
* Drizzle some chocolate syrup on it and serve.
* Enjoy it.
    Happy Makar Sankranti to all my readers..

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