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Traditional vs Tandoori Undhiyu

               Being a gujju girl, my roots are still intact even being far away from the mother land. Can't think of an exact word that would fit or do justice for my love to Gujarati food but today's recipe will definitely solidify my Gujarati being..
           Let's check this out...:)
                  Uttarayan or Makar Sankranti: Winter solstice... is also known as: Pongal, Lohri and so more. It is this time of the year that fresh sesonal veggies are harvested and are available for few months to be enjoyed.  It is marked by the harvest festival all over India. So it is the perfect time to prepared a Gujarati delicacy, Undhiyu.. For me, any Uttarayan celebration is incomplete without Undhiyu.. And so, that mix of sundry vegetables swimming in the oil, and sold as Undhiyu, is not the real Undhiyu If at least not for me..,(No, don't add tomatoes and tindora to undhiyu).. If eat up as many veggies as possible is your cause behind making this, then dude, go ahead and do that but then please don't call it Undhiyu:)=) For me the real Undhiyu is the one that mom makes and her mom and her mom and grand mom and their mom made!!! One spoonful of it in your mouth and you know, why me are fan.. you will definitely feel rich flavors exploding in your mouth, something melting here, something crunchy there....and the best part is muthiya in it......Pure Bliss without any Sin!!!!!

          My today's recipe is 2 in 1. Sharing one traditional Matka Undhyu recipe and another one is Tandoori Undhyu(Both can cook in Matka), but as I lives in USA, and I have no Matka in house but still try to make this traditional Undhyu with Steaming pot and believe me it comes as delicious as it should be. Basically this Undhiyu cooked in Matlonor matka or clay pot, along with some potatoes and surti papdi and some other vegetables on fire made from burning farm waste in farms or farmhouses. The smoked(yummy!) veggies are put together and mash them together , then add a little bit oil, lots of green garlic and cilantro chutney and sev. Mix well with hand and tastes divine. My husband insist us to eat this Undhiyu with hand and yes it sounds little messy but you will enjoy more if u eats this Undiyu with your hand not with spoon:)=. I am going to share this recipe with some twist in it but believe me taste will be remain the same as authentic taste of undhiyu. To recreate this magic in your home, follow this recipe...:)
     #Foodiemonday #bloghop entry for today's, #sankrantispecial. Co-bloggersof #foodiemonday, get ready for my unbeatable 2 in 1 recipe..:)

1 1/2 cup Surti Papdi Lilva
1/2 cup Tuver Lilva(optional)(Pigeon Peas)
1 cup Surti Papdi in pod
6-8 Baby Eggplants
6-8 Baby Potatoes (or halved regular potatoes)
2 Sweet Potatoes(Halved)
1 Purple yam (Optional) (I didn't use it)
1-2 Carom Seeds(Ajwain)
Salt to taste
2 tbls Tandoori Masala
1 tbls Ginger-Green chili Paste
1/2 tsp Black Pepper Powder
Salt to taste
1 tbls Lemon Juice
1 tbls OIl
 2 Diced Potatoes
1 Diced Sweet Potatoes
2 Diced baby Egg plants
1/2 cup Surti Papdi Lilva
1/3 cupTuver Lilva(Pigeon Peas)
1/4 cup Surti Padi in pods
1 Diced Purple Yam (optional)
1/2 tsp Carom Seeds(Ajwain)
1-2 water
1 Bowl Green Coriander(Cilantro) & Green Garlic chutney
1/2 Bowl Wood Apple(Kothu) chutney (optional)
1 Bowl Thin sev
1/2 Bowl Oil
Salt to taste
Some Masala Chaas(Optional)
Some Roasted Rice Flour Papdi (Optional)
* Wash all the vegetables.
* Slit baby eggplants, potatoes, sweet potatoes and purple yam halfway without cutting the stems of eggplant
* Place the all these vegetables over the wet muslin cloth or any clean kitchen cloth.(I used clean and washed pillowcase)
* Mix together salt and carom (ajwain) seeds and stuff them in to slit vegetables.

* Place surti papdi lilva, surti papdi in pods and tuver lilva(pigeon) over another  cloth and sprinkle fair amount of salt and carom seeds.
* Bring together edges of the cloth and tie into a potli.
* Make two separate.
* Take big and wide Steam pot with water.
* Turn on the stove and put steamer basket into pot.
* Arrange both cloth potlis on it.(one potli with potatoes and one with lilvas).
* Cover the lid on pot and let it steam for about 45-60 mints.
* Check the water level frequently while cooking.
* Once potatoes are cooked well done, take out all the vegetables from steam pot .
* Transfer them in to serving plate.
* Serve them indivitually with drizzling oil, salt and some green coriander-green garlic chutney  and wood apple(kothu) chutney.
* Mix and mesh all the veggies and chutneys with hand.
* Garnish with some thin sev .

* Serve with some masala chaas (buttermilk) and roasted(shekeli) rice flour Papdi.

* Enjoy..
* Take a mixing bowl.
* Add oil, tandoori masala, ginger-green chili paste, black pepper powder, lemon juice, carom(ajwain) and salt.
 * Mix all well.
* Add all chopped vegetables and surti papdi in pods.(don't add lilvas ) 
* Mix all with tandoori masala very well and let it marinate for about 45-60 minutes.
* After fully marinated them, place all vegetables onto aluminum foil.
* Add 1-2 tbls water into marinated bowl and sprinkle that water over vegetables.
* Cover the foil properly and place it in to preheated oven.(350*C)
* Take another foil and add all lilvas(surti papdi & tuver lilva) on it.
* Sprinkle some carom(ajwain) seeds and salt on it.
* Cover the foil all around and place it in to the oven with marinated vegetables.
* Let them baked for 45-50 or until all vegetables are baked very well.
* Once all vegetables are done, place all together and serve with  coriander(cilantro) green garlic & wood apple chutney. 

* Mix and mash all chutneys and tandoori vegetables well.
* Garnish with thin sev.
* Take advantage of real modern version of undhyu with chaas and roasted papdi as wel..

            Try this 2 in 1 recipe this, Uttarayan/Makarsankrati and amaze your family and friends. Don't forget to share your experience of these two different, traditional and modern versions of undhiyu with me.  
Happy Makarsankrati!!!

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