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               Happy, Healthy and Safe Diwali to all my readers!!!
       Diwali is incomplete without an authentic sweets and desserts, and so here it is.. A authentic dessert- Fada Lapsi....Fada Lapsi, a delicious Indian sweet, hardly needs any introduction!! Lapsi is a dessert, famous in western Indian especially in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The fada lapsi taste amazing as combination of broken wheat and cardamom and ghee.. Moist and soft old fashioned Lapsi oozes with the richness of desi Ghee..Often jiggery and milk is used in the preparation but I like simple old traditional recipe of adding water an sugar because this is Diwali Special:) It is always cooked on festival days like Holi, Dhanteras and Diwali and of course on some special occasions or for ritual(pooja)..

   My entry to #diwalispecialsweets on #foodiemonday #bloghop.. Happy Diwali to all my readers..

  As I was in rush when I made this recipe, I don't have step by step pictures. Sorry for that..:-)
1 cup fada (cracked wheat)
1 cup Sugar or as per your taste
1/2 cup Ghee (clarified butter)
4-5 cups boiling hot water
A pinch of Saffron
1 tbls raisins
1 tbls chopped or slices of Almonds
1/3 Cup Hot milk
1 tsp Cardamom powder
* Heat the pan on low-medium flame.
* Add ghee in it.
* After ghee melted, add fada(cracked wheat)
* Keep flame on low-mediun.
* Keep stir ring the fada continuously.
* Keep cook till fada change the color to golden brown.(about 5-7 mintes on very low-med flame)
* Add 4-5 cups of boiling hot water and cook on medium flame..
* Add saffron and mix.
* Cook on a low-medium flame for another 15-20 minutes or till fada(cracked wheat) is almost done and well cooked,(fada should be proper soft) while strring.
* Add milk and let it stir till milk totally absorbing by fada.
* Add the sugar, once the water is totally absorb and fada is well done cooked. (if need more water add it before add sugar)
* Cook it again till all the sugar water is vapor.
* Cover and Cook on low flame or another 5-7 minutes till ghee separated on sides.
* Add raisins and almonds and mix well.
* Cover and cook on very low flame for couple of minutes.(stir in between)
* Turn of the stove and add cardamom powder.
* Mix well and serve hot..

Make sure adjust sugar according to taste..
Cook on very low flame on last stage for longer if needed.

Happy Diwali!!!

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