Monday, November 30, 2015

Tiramisu Mousse(Eggless)

            Deliciously Indulgent!! Take a moment to relax, unwind from your day and savor right now-one delicious bite at a time......
          Yes, it's #nationalmosseday today, and let's celebrate it with the best highlighted dessert ever 'Tiramisu Mousse".
          This easy Tiramisu Mousse contains my favorite part of the Tiramisu: the mousse!! It's all about the Mousse.(no cake, no egg) I absolutely love Tiramisu. I also like all different kinds of mousses too, but the combination of these too is like.. no words to describe this dessert. You have to try this super easy, fast and delicious recipe. Just a few components go into making the best Tiramisu Mousse you'll ever eat, I promise.
        We all #foodiemonday #bloghop bloogers are going to celebrate #nationalmousseday together, with #egglessmousse challenge. Let's have mousse party begin....

       Now, piles of Tiramisu Mousse in a glass? Yes.. Yes.. Yes..

3-4 tbls ready instant coffee(cool down)(Use more if u like strong coffee flavor in your mousse)
8 oz. frozen cool whipped topping cream
8 oz. mascarpone cheese or cream cheese(I used mascarpone cheese)
4 oz. white chocolate
2 tbls heavy whipping cream
1/4 cup powdered sugar
1tsp vanilla extract
1 tbls unsweetened cocoa powder
some chocolate chips for garnish(optional)
* Melt the white chocolate in double boiler bowl with 2 tbls heavy whipping cream.
* Melt it and keep aside.
* Mix mascarpone or cream cheese and powdered sugar(adjust sugar according to your taste) with a hand mixer until smooth.
* Add melted white chocolate and mix it again.
* Add vanilla extract and 2-3 tbls coffee.(add coffee, depending on how strong you want your tiramisu mousse)
* Add 1tsp cocoa powder and mix with hand mixer again.
* Fold frozen cool whipped topping cream into coffee-mascarpone cheese mixture gently.
* Place the tiramisu mousse in a dessert decorative container or in a Ziploc bag fitted with alarge tip.
* Dust some unsweetened cocoa powder on bottom of the serving glass.
* Pipe a some amount of tiramisu mousse on it.
 * Dust again some cocoa powder.
* Continue layering the tiramisu mousse and cocoa powder.(I layered it sand-art style with cocoa powder)
* Once you get to the top layer, arrange some chocolate chips or dusting with some grated chocolate on top.

* Chill, covered, in a fridge until ready to serve.
*Mix, chill, pipe, repeat. That's it. 20-25 minutes to an addicting dessert.

Happy #nationalmousseday!!!!!
Happy cooking until next time....


Friday, November 20, 2015

Cereals-Oats Bhel

                Tease your taste buds with this chatpata, tangy, tuneful and an absolute flavorful  fusion dish. "Cereals-Oats Bhel"!!!

          "Bhel" is one of those words that instantly evokes childhood and adolescence for many of us. Growing up, we didn't have a huge amount of entertainment that kids today have. An outing basically involved us heading to beach with whole family and a sizable chunk of neighborhood in tow. After too much fun, as a special treat, we would be treated to "Bhel" from nearby vendor's cart. We would look on, awestruck, as the vendor quickly chucked puffed rice, papdi, sev into a big open pan. He would then toss in a handful of diced onions, some spicy chickpeas and some cilantro into the mix. Then splatter on some chutneys, whisk it all together and ladle it into newspaper cones, then pass it on to our eager hands... Hummmm, yummy!!!!
     And oh!!! The explosion of flavors and textures that greeted our first bite. But time is being changed. But still I am pretty sure almost everyone would love to eat "Bhel".  And for that reason today I am going to share an awesome variation of "Bhel". It's "Cereal-Oats Bhel"... This Bhel made with medley of breakfast cereals. So this is healthy version of Bhel too. Of course it is again a fusion recipe and weekend-special because it's rapid recipe with lots of sweet, salty, spicy, tangy, crispy, chewy, soft.....tastes. Nothing became close to savouring "Bhel" as kids or as teenager or as grown up or as oldies:)
2 tbls Cilantro green chutney
2 tbls dates-Tamarind sweet chutney
1 tbls Garlic and red chili chutney(optional)
3/4 cup Mix of chopped onions, pomegranates, chopped tomatoes, chopped cilantro and boiled and chopped potatoes.
Chaat masala to sprinkle on Bhel
* Take a big mixing bowl.
* Add mix of chopped onions, tomatoes, cilantro, potatoes and pomegranates.
* Add all three chutneys according to your taste.
* Toss all together very well.
* Sprinkle some chaat masala on it.

* Serve it immediately and enjoy the fabulous version of Bhel.
* You may use just combinations of any cereals with out making chivda.(direct from box)
* Always add or subtract any topping of your choice.
* Adjust all chutneys according to your taste.
* Last but not least add your 'love' to make the dish more 'yummy'.

   I love hearing back from my friends and readers. Please let me know how you liked this post, and if you would consider making this recipe, or have already made it. Please take a moment to post pictures on my Facebook page, if you do happen to take a couple :)
Have a delicious weekend ahead!
Happy Cooking!


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Stuffed Schezwan Vada Pav (Schezwan Dinner-Roll)

        Here I am back with another fusion recipe. It's all about Vada Pav with the fusion twist. I am going to bake today Stuffed Schezwan  Vada Pav, in one recipe!!! How does it sound to you all? I know, it sounds like heavenly Luscious.. I usally makes Schezwan Vada Pav by simple way but today, I tried  to baked Stuffed Schezwan  Vada Pav in some clashing way and it really came out super yummy. I stuffed Schezwan Vada in Pav dough while baking.
       There are so many variation in this one recipe. Like you can make Schezwan Vada and serve just like the regular Vada Pav. The other variation is about stuffing. You can stuff so many other fillings in the Bun and bak them like, fill Panner Bhurji, Grilled vegetables, chesses and so many more. It's totally up to you how far you could image for stuffing:) It's also #foodiemonday #bloghop #bakingmonday today so hope you all will enjoy the baking recipes with my all co #foodiemonday bloggers.

Let's start baking now.....
For Schezwan Vada:
2-3 Boiled and Messed Potatoes
2-3 tsp Schezwan Sauce or Chutney(I used Ching's schezwan chutney)
1-2 tsp Soy Sauce
Some Black pepper powder
salt to taste
1/2 tsp Crushed Red Chilies
2 tbls chopped Green Onions
For Pav: (Buns)
3 cups Bread flour
1 packet Active Dry yeast(2 1/4 tsp)
1 tbls Sugar
1 tsp Salt
3 tbls melted Butter
1/4 cup lukewarm Water
3/4 cup lukewarm Milk
1 tsp Baking Soda
Pinch of Baking Powder
For Garnish:
Some milk
Some Butter to apply on Pav
Some Oil
Dry coconut and Red chili powder(I crushed some dry coconut and dry red chili with some garlic powder and salt)
1 tsp black and white sesame seeds
2 tbls Schezwan Chutney or Sauce.
For Schezwan Vada;
* Mix all ingredients in bolied and messed potatoes and mix well.
* Divide into 12 equal parts and give them ball shape.
* Keep aside for later use.
For Pav;(Buns)
* Take big mixing bowl.
* Add bread flour in to bowl.
* Add yest, salt, sugar and baking soda and baking powder.
* Mix all together very well.

* Add melted butter and mix till gets crumble texture.
* Add lukewarm water and lukewarm milk in it very slowly.
* Knead  the dough till gets stiff.
* Apply the oil all over in the bowl.
* Coat the dough with oil as well.
* Cover the bowl with plastic/cling wrap.
* Allow to rest dough or at least 25-30 minutes.
* Pop in to the oven.(do not turn on oven:)
 (The best way to rise the dough is, keep it in the oven and keep oven lights on)
* After 30 minutes, take out the dough from bowl.
* Punch dough down and make 12 equal size parts.
* Roll or just stretch with your hand on kitchen counter.
* Apply just some Schezwan chutney or sauce on it and stuff with one portion of Schezwan Vada in it.

* Gather the edges and press to seal.
* Roll it between your palm to make a round shape.
* Grease a baking tray with oil.
* Place the stuffed pav(buns) in there.
* Stuff all the pav (buns) like that and place them in the greased baking try.
* Brush the milk on each pav(bun).
* Sprinkle some coconut and red chili powder and sesame seeds on each pav(bun).
* Cover the baking tray with plastic wrap again and let dough rise in a warm place until double in size almost about an hour or so.
* Preheat oven on 375*F.
* Remove the plastic wrap after an hour.
* Bake the pav for 20-25 minutes on 375*F or until gold light brown in color.
* Take out from oven and apply some butter on them.
* Separate each pav with help of bread knife.
* Your super delicious Stuffed Schezwan Vada Pav are ready.
* Looks gorgeous, right?!!!
* The pav or bun or rolls breaks apart easily.

* Enjoy with any kind of dip.(Green chutney or garlic chutney or ketchup or schezwan chutney)
    One of the important ingredients in exceptional baking food is Fun!
             Make sure you always add extra measure of that into your baking.:)
Happy Cooking till next time..

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Happy Diwali

✨ Happy Diwali✨
                         "With gleam of Diyas,
                     the echo of the Chants,

               May Happiness & Contentment Fill Your life...!"
    Wishing all my friends and readers of this blog, Happy & Joyous Diwali.! I hope Diwali brings prosperity, truth, peace and wisdom in your life.
Diwali is one of the most popular Indian festival. Diwali conveys the  jubilance of good over evil, light over darkness and truth over fake. I also wish abundance in health, wealth and happiness to all of you. Enjoy and be safe this Diwali..!

Leaving you guys with some of my Rangoli collection!!Have a look and Enjoy the festival..


Happy Diwali & Have A Wonderful New Year!!!!