Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Fusion Rabri-Jalebi

  " Ravan Ke Saare Paap Karenge Zero, Maryadapurshotam Hamare Hero.."-Prem Leela with Ram Leela on this Dussehra.:)=
 Ramleela is one of the Famous part on Dussehra. And thinking about Dussehra without Jalebi? I know you couldn't do that. The truth is Dussehra always comes with Jalebi-Fafda. We are eating these Rabri-Jalebi in a same look since a long and guess what? Now it's time to create a magic touch in this super, awesome and delicious dessert. Generation is change, we are in 2015 now and we want our authentic dessert in some high-tech touch. We want our  food to be in style. So get ready for another fusion recipe with very unique style, "Fusion Rabri-Jalebi".
The Navratri festival preceding Dussehra or Vijyadashmi is considered auspicious and celebrated with lot of revered devotion. According to legends, Lord Rama worshiped Godess Durga for nine days and on the tenth day he killed Ravana, which is known as Vijyadashmi or Dussehra. On Dassehra their effigies stuffed with fireworks are burnt to the accompaniment of drums being played with gusto.
   The best thing about this day is Jalebi!! I still remember, when I was kid my dad used to buy lots of Rabri-Jalebi with some mouthwatering Fafdas early in the morning....Omg!! To consumed  Jalebi-Fafda on Dussehra is tradition in almost everywhere in India. After being tired with the full nine days of Dandiya-Garba and nine days fasting, we need instant energy so that's the reason we eat food which spike our blood sugar level as much as energy level.
    Today's recipe is inspired by Chef Shailendra Kekade. He is the best style chef. I admire him and also learn a lot from his awesomely stylish recipes. Truly luscious never went out of style!!! In this authentic rabri-jalebi recipe, I use isi whip cream dispenser to make Rabri in foam consistency. I also gave Jalebi a different shape.In this recipe my Jalebies are in  small pearl shape. These are the beauty of this tradition dessert in this recipe. After all "style mei rahneka"... Let's start our today's Dassehra journey with style and vogue..!!!

For Rabri;
3 cups Regular Milk
1/2 Cup Condensed Milk
1 tbls Milk Powder
Sugar if needed
For Jalebi;
1 cup Jalebi Better(I used Gits Instant Jalebi Mix)
For Serving;
Almond slices
Cardamom powder
* I used isi whip cream dispenser to make Rabri in foam consistency.
For Rabri;
* Heat the heavy bottom pan and pour the milk in it.
* Boil the milk till gets reduced half.
* Stir it continuously
* Add condensed milk and milk powder and stir it.
* Add Sugar if needed or according to your taste.
* Turn off the stove.

* Chilled it before pour into whip cream dispenser.
Rabri suppose to be very thick, but since we are using whip cream dispenser to make Rabri in foam, don't cook it till gets too much thick.
For Jalebi;
* Follow the direction on Gits Instant Jalebi Mix Packet.
* Use small ladle with hole to give Jalebi small pearls shape, when frying them.

* Rest of thing, just follow the direction on Packet.
* After soaking in the sugar syrup, transfer Jalebi into and shape mold.

For Serving:
* Keep Rabri very chilled.
* Strain Rabri before pour into whip cream dispenser.(must needed step)

* Pour into whip cream dispenser .
* Follow the direction of whip cream dispenser to  make foam  Rabri.

* Arrange Jalebi on the platter.

* Throw the whip Rabri on side or around or on Jalebi. Choice is yours.

* Garnish with some left pearls of Jalebi and some almonds slices.

* Enjoy this Fusion Rabri-Jalebi this Dussehra and feel the richness of foam Rabri.
                               With great food comes great style!!!!
          "Style is not a display of wealth, but an expression of imagination.!" I am signing off with this note, and leave you all to open your imagination as wide as you can..
              Happy Cooking till next time...!!

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