Monday, March 21, 2016

Blue Hawaiian Mocktail

      Holi, the festival of colors is finally  here!! And as you know festivals go hand in hand with food and frenzy.  Tame your festival fever by cooling down with this colorful Blue Hawaiian Mocktail. Easy, simple, refreshing and of course virgin drink to quench your thirst with all the Holi hubbub!!
 Happy Holi. Play Safe...
    My contribution for today's #foodiemonday #bloghop #festivalofcolors Challenge. Have a colorful Holi to all #foodiemonday #bloghop bloggers to. Let's splash the screen with colorful recipes..

8 ounces Blue fruit punch or Blue raspberry kool-aid
2 ounces Pineapple juice
1 can Sprite or 7up
Some ice cubes.

* Place the blue fruit punch or blue raspberry Kool-Aid in a jar.
* Add pineapple juice in it and mix well.
* Pour 5 ounces of blue fruit punch and pineapple juice mix in the champagne glass or any other glass.
* Then add  7up or sprite until full.
* Add some ice cubes.
* Enjoy the Blue Hawaiian Mocktail.
* Cheers.

Happy Holi..

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