Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Lemon-Cherry Berry Spa Water

      My Lemon- Berry spa Water is my bestie these days..:) Lemon-Berry Spa Water counts as my daily water intake and helps make the water more interesting..i.e. more easy to drink in hot summer days!!!
      This water is also great for flush fat:), good for Detox our body.. It's just easy-peasy to make too. Just combine all ingredients with water and chill it overnight in the refrigerator, drink throughout the day...

1 cup berry mix (blueberry, dark cherry, red cherry, strawberry) frozen or fresh
1 lemon sliced
2-3 leaves of fresh mint
3 cups water
Some ice if needed
* Add all ingredients to large glass or in to a pitcher.
* Cover lid and all to chill overnight in the refrigerator.
* drink throughout the day.
* Add some ice cubes if want more cold.
* Cheers!!

       Drink more H2O with Detox Spa water. It helps you to Maintain a flat belly.

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