Monday, April 27, 2015

Mango Delight Fool

  Looking for dessert tonight...??? Here some Mango dessert for you all... It's called 'Mango Delight Fool'......    
" Mangoes are King of all the fruits."
         My family's the most favorite fruit. Almost everyone loves the Mango, right? So let's just make something different from it.
        We love to eat mangoes either ripe or unripe. Mangoes are sweet, some have soft, pulpy texture. Mango is used to make juices, smoothies, ice cream, pie, milkshake, pickles and so many other uses. 
         I'm sharing easy and quick recipe from mango today. And I would love to share many more recipes from mangoes in future so stay tune for more "MangoMania".!!!!
 Let's start Mango Delight Fool today....

2 cups Mango Puree
2 cups Cool Whipped Cream
1 cup ripe Mango Dices
1 tsp Lemon Zest
2 tbls Orange or Peach Marmalade

Mix the mango puree, orange marmalade and lemon zest in a big bowl. 
Fold the cool whipped cream in that. 
Mix well.
Place the dices of mango in a glass.
Pour the mixture of mango Puree and whipped cream on top.
Garnish with some chopped mango pieces.
Serve it chilled.

       Sort and Simple recipe. Try it. I am sure kids will love it so much. 

                 "When Life Gives You Lemon, I said I WANTED A MANGO!!!"

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