Saturday, May 23, 2015

Mango-Rose Milk Cake

           Happy Mother's Day to all::)
     I would love to share this Mango-Rose Milk Cake on Mother's Day. I am sure you guys are ready for rock & roll with me in "Mango Mania" again.. 

I'm proud Mom of two awesome kids and this recipe is one of the favorite dessert of them. As living in USA, eating mangoes in abundance during summer for kids and U.S. For the entire summer, my fridge would have a whole shelf dedicated to this princely fruit. Whenever I open the fridge the sweet aroma of mangoes always make place to expansion all over. And it always like falling love for Mangoes again and again.:) 
           Milk cake is well known sweet by us. It also known as "Kalakand". It's originally takes time to make it, but I'm going to share very quick and yummy recipe with twist of variation and twinki taste. Basically it's Mango Milk Cake but when you try with the most radiant ingredient, it will change the richness of this dessert. And here is the most radiant ingredient "Rose Petals":)). This is the "wow" factor(ingredient) in this very common dessert. It tastes deliciously delicious with crumble texture just like the one sold in sweet stalls.  

       let's wrap up our chitchat and start making awesome dessert with some twinkle twist variation.
For The Chena:(crumble paneer)
* 4 cups Milk
* 1 1/2 tbls  Lemon Juice(adjust as required)
* 1 tbls Yogurt.
For Mango-Rose milk cake:
* 1 cup Mango puree
* 2/3 cup Sweetened condensed milk
* 2/3 cup Dry milk powder
*1/2 tbls Ghee
* 3 tbls Rose water
* 1/3 cup Edible rose petals
To make Chena,
Use heavy bottom pan and pour the milk in it.
Heat it on medium flame. Keep stirring.
When milk starts to boil, add lemon juice and yogurt.
 Keep stirring in one direction gently until the milk curdles completely.
 Turn off the stove and wait till the chena separates from whey.
Then, help of the strainer strain the chena.
Keep aside.
To make Mango-Rose Milk Cake,
Turn on the stove on medium heat and put heavy bottom pan again.
Add ghee and mango puree, cook for about 4-5 mins or mango puree starts getting thicker.

Add chena and rose water, mix well
Add sweetened condensed milk and cook while stirring constantly.

As soon as mixture gets thicker, add dry milk powder. Mix it well.
Cook until the mixture thickens.

Turn off the stove.
Spread the half of the mixture on a greased plate.
Arrange half of the chopped edible rose petals on it.

Spread the rest of the mango milk cake mixture on it.
Garnish with the rest of finely chopped edible rose petals on it.
Allow it to cool.
Cut into squares and serve.

 There is no perfect way to be a good mother, each situation is unique...Each mother has different challenges. Different skills and abilities and certainly different kids. What matters is that Mother loves her kids Deeply.....
  HAPPY MOTHER's Day...:)


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