Monday, June 1, 2015

Nutella Pancake Kababs

 Good Morning!!! It’s Breakfast time…..
So, I’m back again with just few ingredients and rapid recipe for breakfast. Are you all ready to eat very obvious breakfast in some vogue.
Here’s a Nutella Pancake Kababs. The name says everything, right? Yes, just need few ingredients and it will be ready just in jiffy. And also a great idea to kick up a day to feed kids, who don’t like to eat fruits. I also used Nutella in this recipe, and I am 100% sure that, Nutella is the food of the gods. And that is why, this recipe transform a delicious fruits and mini pancake kabob into something really divine for all.

Let’s get started,

1     cup Pancake Mix
½ cup Nutella
2 tbls Honey or Pancake syrup
1 Banana(peeled and sliced)
5-6 Straberries(sliced)
2     Skewers
*Preapare the pancake batter according to directions and make small dabs from batter onto hot griddle. Or the other way just make regular size pancakes and cut it in small pancakes with help of round cookie cutter.
*Cook the pancake on both sides and transfer in to another dish.
*Spread some Nutella on each of the mini pancakes.
*Impale the fruits and mini pancakes onto he skewers.
*Serve immediately.
*Drizzle honey or pancake syrup on Kababs.


                      “Eat Nutella Pancake Kababs For Breakfast And Rock All Day.” 
Till next time eat well and stay fabulous.

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