Monday, October 19, 2015

Dry-Fruits Milkshake

             On the seventh day of "Navrati", wishing you a HAPPY NAVRATRI, Swirling Skirts and Clashing Sticks, Color and Rhyme, An Exciting Mix!!!
            There are 9 colors of navratri and White is the seventh day's (October 19th) color. We all know that the colours of Navratri represent the nine avatars or incarnations of Goddess Durga.. White is the color of purity, cleaness, innocence, safety and goodness. Nothing is better than milkshake on this whitest day... White can represent a successful beginning, great for begin a  new week.  So let's pray for good health and intelligence for all with some cool and healthy Milkshake.:) Of course, I'm sharing a very rich and royal recipe on today's auspicious day. It's all about Dry-Fruits Milkshake. Hummm... I know you are already feel the richness of this Milkshake.

         Besides all, I'm so much excited for my 3rd Monday challenge on #foodiemonday. It's #foodiemonday #bloghop and our today's challenge is also #navratrimonday. #foodiemonday bloggers, let's rock this Monday too..

Lots of people keep fasting during these nine days. This Dry-Fruits Milkshake is the perfect milkshake for people who are on fasting. A full of protein and calcium milkshake, which can provide full day energy and power on high. Not only this, Dry-Fruits Milkshake packed with nutritional goodness, this dry fruits milkshake is filling enough to be served for breakfast, low on fat and high on flavor.


Makes for perfect fasting food for festivals like Navratri..  Just need few ingredients and ready to drink, in no time.

Let's start it,
2 cups Milk
1 tbl Honey
3-4 Dates(deseeded)
4 Almonds
4 Cashews
5 Pistachios
1 Walnut(without shell:)
6 Raisins
2 Dry rose petals
1/2 tsp Cardamom powder
2 drops of Vanilla extract
* Soak Dates in 1/4 cup of milk for about 10 mins.

* Place soaked dates(with 1/4 cup milk) along with all other nuts.(Almonds, Cashews, Pistachios, Walnut and Raisins) in to a blender cup.

* Blend all together to a smooth paste.
* Now add Milk, Honey, Cardamom powder, dry rose patels and Vanilla extract.

* Blend again to make smooth and fizzy liquid.

* Pour into glasses.

* Serve this super cool milkshake and enjoy the fasting.
 Note: Add or subtract, dry fruits according to your choice.

         Don't forget to check back with me On "Dasera Special Recipe". An authentic dessert in very unique avatar is waiting for you...Take care and Happy Cooking till Next time..


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