Sunday, December 4, 2016

Instant Bread Mysore Dosa

   Instant Bread Mysore Dosa-- a unique combination of ingredients and a modern way of preparing a instant dosa. This recipe is for those people who crave for fresh south-indian breakfast, but is always short of time in the morning. A hassle free recipe for Dosa lover:) Let's check the recipe real quick;)
 My entry for #foodiemonday #blohop #southindianbreakfast theme....
8 Bread slices
½ cup Sooji (semolina)
2 tbls Rice flour
¼+1tbls Yogurt
½ cup Water or more as require
Salt to taste
Oil for roast Dosas
1 cup Mysore Chutney (quick recipe below)
Mysore Chutney:
*Roast 2tbls chana dal with 1 tsp oil till the chana dal turns golden brown. To the same pan add 1/2 chopped onion, 3-4garlic and 1 in. ginger and 3-4red chillis. Fry for 2-3 mins till the raw smell goes away.take all roasted ingredients in a blender along with some aamchur or small amount of tamarind paste,  turmeric and salt. Adding very little water blend to a smooth paste.
* Take 8 bread slices and cut the edges.
* Crumble the bread slices well with you hand. Make sure there are no big pieces of bread
* Now add half cup sooji (rava / semolina), rice flour, yogurt,  water and some salt to taste.
* Mix well and allow to soak for 20 to 30 minutes.
* Now throw the mixed soaked ingredients into a blender jar and blend to smooth dosa batter consistency. (add some water if required)
* Heat the griddle.
* Smear some water over the tawa and wipe off with wet paper  towel.
* Sprinkle some oil and wipe off again.
* Pour a ladleful of batter and spread out in a circular motion.
* Apply some oil on top of the Dosa.
* Cook it from both sides.
* Spread some Mysore Chutney inside of the Dosa.
* Cook for 10-15 seconds or till it turns golden brown and crisp.
* Fold Dosa  into your favorite shape and serve it with your favorite chutney or sambhar...
* you can use any filling for this dosa.
* you can make it masala Dosa from this batter too.
* You can also prepared the Dosa plain.
* Instead of using oil, you can use butter or ghee for roasting Dosas.
* You can prepare Uttapam pour this Dosa batter bit thick and some toppings of onion and tomatoes.

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