Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fruits & Yogurt Parfaits

    Healthy, delicious Fruits & Yogurt parfaits are layered with fresh peaches & oranges, vanilla flavored yogurt, some your favorite granola and fresh kiwis & pears for a lovely morning breakfast or afternoon snack or sweet treat for kids.!! Amazing, Hummmm!!!!

    Welcome back to another #foodiemonday #bloghop. Let's enter with this super healthy and kid's friendly recipe into today's # tricolor challenge. It's Republic Day for India. "May the Indian tricolor always fly high... Warm wishes on, the grand occasion of India's Republic Day." Today's recipe is totally dedicated to all Indians all over the world.

     There are endless possibilities in Parfaits' Recipe. I'm sharing my Daughter's favorite Parfait as a after school snack. She just love these combinations of fruits and yogurt with her favorite Granola bar. You can use any Granola or Cereal in this recipe but, I used Granola Bar(crumbled it) because my kids love the Granola Bar anytime. So just open your imaginations and try out this recipe with your favorite fruits, granola and flavored yogurt. Layer the ingredients into a glass container, starting with fruits and ending with fruits. I think the combination of peaches & oranges with kiwi & pear is especially tasty and pretty because it has sweet and sour flavors in it. When you combine this with soft vanilla flavored Yogurt, it will be heavenly delicious!
For 2 servings:
1 cup Mix chopped kiwis and pears
1 cup Mix chopped peaches and oranges
1 cup Vanilla flavored yogurt
2 Granola Bars
some honey and color sugar for top of glasses
* Dip tops of glasses in to honey, then colored sugar. Set them aside.
* Crumble granola bars and keep on side.
* First layer mix of chopped kiwis & pears  in any glass.
* Pour vanilla flavored yogurt on it.
* Layer crumbled granola bar on yogurt.
* Layer mix of chopped peaches and oranges.
* Serve with spoon-they are good to the very last bite:)

Variations Note:
   As I said, this simple recipe has endless variations so here are some::
- Use plain yogurt in place of the vanilla yogurt.
- Use any fruit flavored yogurt in place of vanilla yogurt.
- Use any granola or cereal or oats in place of granola-bar.
- Drizzle some honey on cereals or oats or granolas - Use some honey, if you are using plain granola or cereal.
- Use other combinations of fruits.
-Use some chopped nuts on the fruits.
-Topping with chai-seeds or Flax-seeds on top.      Be thchange you want to see in this world & feel proud to be an Indian...
                                      Happy Republic Day

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