Friday, February 5, 2016

BaNilla Cookies

         An easy peasy recipe for busy moms, who wants to give their kids the best snacks for school's Valentines party. No long list of ingredients or no lengthy procedure. Here's a great idea for quick kids friendly recipe for Valentines Day to show and send more love.
                   There is no special recipe, it's just nuttella spread, peanut butter, nilla wafers, aslice of banana sandwich in between and rolled in sprinkle. Check notes below for more variations.

16 Nilla wafers cookies
1 Banana
1 tablespoon Nuttella spread
1 tablespoon Peanut butter
some colorful edible sprinkles
* Spread the nuttela spread in side of all Nilla wafers.

* Cut the banana in 8 slices.
* Apply peanut butter on sides of banana.
* Roll that side in sprinkles and let banana cover with those.
* Place the banana in between the nuttella spread, nilla cookies.
* Make sandwiches.

* Serve those with love.
Variations Note::
* Use  peanut butter on nilla wafers and banana.
* Use any kind of spread like almond butter, peanut butter, nuttela or even honey.
* Use any fruit jam instead of nuttela and peanut butter.
* Use any kind od cookies or cracker.

   enjoy the great idea of Valentine's Day Special recipe with your kids and there friends..xoxoxoxoxoxo

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