Monday, February 29, 2016


    After North- Indian Cuisine, let's talk about North-East Cuisine this week. Northeast India has exotic cuisines to offer and has slightly different food habit compared to other parts of India. I am delirious to share a recipe from Arunachal Pradesh- the place where the first rays of sun falls-'Land of the rising Sun.' Arunachal Pradesh is the largest among the North-east Indian states. The dishes of this state vary within the region, including according to tribal influence. Food in Arunachal Pradesh is simple and scrumptious and less use of oil and masala. So, after so many researches I found the perfect recipe for my #foodiemonday #bloghop #northeastcuisine challenge. It's all about the Khapse today.

    First when I read about this, I was like this is the really challenging recipe with little tricky shapes but in reality, it was as simple as abc.. I just struck to this and made it for snacks. Khapse- the fried biscuit that finds an important place during the Losar festival. I referred so many sites for more details on making this fried and crispy biscuits and the importance is in making it in different shapes. Khapse has very similar taste to Sakkarpare. Khapse can be make in more than one shape, I am going to share 2 shapes of Khapse here. For more variations check the notes below.

    So let's get in tKitchen, and secure our #foodiemonday #bloghop #northeastcuisine challenge this week. Cheers!
2 cups all purpose flour(Maida)
1/4 cup oil
3 tablespoon sugar( if you like more sweeter, use 4 tablespoon)
1/2 cup milk
Oil for deep frying
* Dissolve the sugar in 1/2 cup of warm water.
* Combine flour, oil, sugar water and milk.
* Mix everything together to make a smooth-ish ball of dough.

* Roll out dough to about a 1/4 inch thickness.

For 1st shape;* Cut the dough in strips.

* Slice a slot in the middle of each piece.

* Pull one corner of the piece of dough through the slot in the middle, creating a twist.
* Deep fry them on medium-high heat.

* Enjoy them with tea.

For 2nd shape;* Cut the stripes.

* Roll the stripes and give rope shape.

* Connect the rope and give round shape.


* Twist the round rope from one side.

* Connect the twisted part in the middle of rope.(press it properly)

* Make rest of Khapse with your favorite shape.
* Heat the frying oil in the pan on high.
* Drop the Khapse in the hot oil and turn on the heat on medium-high.
* Cook the Khapse until golden brown, moving them around fairly often and very gently.
* Remove Khapse once gets brown and crispy.
* Serve with Tea or just eat anytime.
* Enjoy.
* You can store them in air-tight container after cool down, and keep them quite a while.
* You can make Salty Khapse too. Just don't use the sugar and use salt to taste .
* You can sprinkle some powdered sugar after cooked.
    Hope you have wonderful trip(treat) at Arunachal Pradesh with me this time. Stay connected for more delicious trips. Happy Cooking until next time..

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