Saturday, May 23, 2015

Beetroot Vada

                   When I was young,  I had the idea that eating Beetroot would increase my hemoglobin  and great source of fiber. In fact my dad was doctor so whenever, I refused to eat any healthy vegetables, grains or any other stuffs in childhood, he always talks about benefits of them. And that's how I fall in love with green veggies..:)By the way, my story is over, now let's talk about beetroot and Chana dal nutrition values and Beetroot Vada recipe.
    Beetroot is widely used as a vegetable all over the world. I used the leaves and stems in my recipes too. Stems and leaves of beetroot will help to stop the beetroot from losing it's color when you cook it and helps to hold in the nutrients too. Beetroot can be eaten raw too. It's refreshing with any juices and salads and soups. I personally also enjoy the flavor of fresh beetroot in any salads or sandwiches. Other than as a food, beetroots have use as a food coloring and as a medicinal plant too.
       As other hero of this Vada, Chana dal(split chickpeas)are also nutrient dense food. We as an Indians, use this  chana dal (split chickpeas) in so many different dishes. Chana Dal (Split Chickpeas) has now become a regular staple of our household. This split chickpeas are very healthy too. Full of protein and fiber.
And combination of these two amazing healthy ingredient, I tried to make some Vada. hope you all would love to try my this super easy and healthy recipe.
     To start with this recipe using beetroot that paint your plate red for sure!:)
* 1 large Beetroot
* 1 cup Chana dal
* 3/4 cup Chopped Onion
* Hand full of Baby Spinach Leaves
* 1tbls Ginger-Garlic paste
* 3 Dry Red  whole Chilies
* 1 tsp Fennel seeds(sauf)
* 3-4 Rice flour
* 8-10 Curry leaves
* 1/4 cup Chopped Cilantro
* Salt to taste
* Oil for frying
* Soak chana dal at least for 4-5 hours.
* Drain the water.
* Grind chana dal in food processor with ginger-garlic paste, baby spinach leaves, dry  whole red chilies, fennel seeds with curry leaves.
* Grind with 2-3 tbls water to coarse mixture.
* Transfer into big mixing bowl.
* Boiled the beetroot.
* Grate the beetroot.
* Mix the grated beetroot into chana dal mixture.
* Add chopped onions.
* Add salt.
* Add rice flour.
* Add chopped cilantro.
* Mix mixture very well.
* Divide the beetroot mixture into equal portions and give round shapes with help of your palm.
* Heat the frying oil.
* Deep fry vadas in oil.
* Fry them till crisp.
* Serve them hot.

* Serve with your favorite chutney or any sauce.

     Till next recipe.., happy cooking, happy eating and do not forget to drop your thoughts and suggestions with me, because that is where the real inspiration comes from..!!!!

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