Saturday, May 23, 2015

Immensely Honored to be in 100 food blogger list on Google +

Did you notice the new star, yes, my blog is shining…..⭐️
      Blissful and thrilled to have been featured on  Kimberly"s blog where she gathers up not 10 or 20 a perfect number of 100 food bloggers’ handy list for all the foodie lovers. Feeling humbled and honored. I am thankful for her kind appreciation and feeling happy to join the band wagon with many other talented food fellas. Do drop by and save few blogs of your choices to savour them at ease by trying out their yummilicious recipes. I definitely have few try out recipes to please my taste buds from the bloggers list.
     I'm truly immense of my accomplishment. Kimberly really opened the big opportunities to bloom my extremely fresh blog.I am thankful to each and every one who takes time to read and respond via feedbacks to my posts. My blog is fairly new and still taking shape. My recipes and out of the way cooking fundas have always pleased not only my family but also larger crowd of friends. 
      I try and provide easy fusion recipes which are fairly nutritious and flavoursome. If  you would love to try out fusion, exotic and healthy recipes and in Kimberly's words with style and lush then you should try my recipes. So, if you have a sweet tooth or spicy one, don’t forget to give it a try and drop me few lines. I promise you all to serve you more and more awesome and delightful recipes in the next coming up days. Sometimes cold, sometimes hot, sometimes sweet and sometimes spicy, life is as similar as food so enjoy the both fullest as much as you could. :)
'I believed, I could so I did' !!!
  With this short and sweet note, I'm leaving you guys for wonderful day ahead.

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