Friday, May 22, 2015

Spinach-Kale Pakoda Chaat

             Today's recipe is specially for kids, who don't  like to eat green leafy veggies. I'm also special "Thankful" to team and very sweet girl named Shweta Chopra, who gave me opportunity to share recipe for kids. 3curiousmonkeys has very unique concept to encourage young kids to know about Indian culture. Our kids going to represent our culture to the world, wow!!! So amazed to see how 3curiousmonkeys works on it.. I'm totally glad to share today's recipe via this amazing Thank you. And I'm also sharing my knowledge about this amazing recipe and hope you all enjoy as well.

       "Chaat" the word is enough, no need to describe the recipe or in other word you could not wait to eat after heard "Chaat". These days so many kind of chats are available. Chaat is typically served at road side stalls or food carts in India. Chaat suppose to have all kind of tastes like savory, sweet, spicy and above all chatpata in one dish. Chaat originally from Uttar Pradesh state in India but nowadays it's very famous all over in India.  haat is favorite in all ages, but specially kids love to eat anytime.  My kids love,love, love.., this dish. And this dish is the best way to feed food fuzzy kids green leafy vegetables. Today I am going to share Spinach-Kale Pakoda Chaat, which is another healthy way to eat tasty food.  I used baby spinach and kale in this delicious recipe. Baby spinach and Kale, both are dark leafy greens, with lots of nutritious value. These green leaves are full of Vitamin K,A and C. Spinach has higher fiber than Kale and Kale has more protein than Spinach. But both are great source for growing kids. The best way to feed these green leaves to kids is experiment in different dishes like, instead of garnish our cooked vegetables or curries or dals or roti dough with spinach and kale rather than cilantro. Or when you making smoothie or milk shake , use handful of spinach-kale and blend. It's very healthy for kids and even for adult too. Throwing some leafy greens into your any daily meals or drinks is a great way to trick your taste buds into getting added Fiber and Calcium. Spinach-Kale has valuable minerals and magnesium too, which helps to grow bones, keep your blood sugar level normal and may reduce high blood pressure too. These two leafy greens definitely pack a nutritious punch for different reasons, so choose these leaves to add in your daily diet as much as possible.
              Now, about Chaat!!!! These chaat is my favorite chaat in all. You must try it and it would be your favorite too. But need recipe for that, right? I tried to make this chaat more healthy with adding some healthy ingredients in chutney too. So hope you all will enjoy my healthy version of Spinach-Kale Pakoda Chaat. But when you will think about 'healthy' here, you have to ignore Frying Pakodas because this is my way of healthy recipe to feed taste green leafy to kids and taste buddies..:)) so let's start...

For Green Chutney
*1 cup chopped cilantro(coriander leaves)
*1/4 cup chopped spinach & kale leaves
*1/4 cup chopped green bellpepper
*1 small green chili
*2 cloves of garlic
*Small piece of ginger
*Salt to taste
*1 tsp cumin powder
*1 tbls lemon juice
*1tsp sugar(optional) but I like to add
*Water as needed
For Garlic Chutney
*2 tbls red chili powder
*7-8 garlic cloves
*1/4 cup chopped red bell bepper
*1 tsp cumin powder
*1 tsp lemon juice
* Salt to taste
*Water as needed
For Tamarind & Dates Chutney
*1/3 cup tamarind(seedless)
*3/4 cup dates(seedless)
*1/2 cup grated jaggery or adjust according to your taste
*1 tsp cumin powder
*1 tsp red chili powder
*1 tsp black salt
*2 cups water
*Salt to taste.
For Sweet Yogurt
*1 cup whisked yogurt
*1 1/2 tsp sugar
*1 tsp cumin powder
*1/2 tsp red chili powder
*salt to taste
For Pakodas
*20-30 mixed of baby spinach & kale leaves
*1 1/2 cup besan flour
*1 tsp garlic paste
*1tsp chaat masala
*2 tbls chopped cilantro
*Water as needed
*Salt to taste
* Oil to fry
For Garnishing
*1 bowl of mixed chopped onions, bell peppers, boiled potato and cilantro
*1 cup sev
*Chaat masala for sprinkle
For Green Chutney,
*Blend all the ingredients with help of little amount of water  till become smooth paste. Remove from blender in to a bowl and keep aside.
For Garlic Chutney,
*Blend all the ingredients with help of little amount of water till become smooth paste. Remove from blender in to a bowl and keep aside.
For Tamarind & Dates Chutney,
*Cook dates, tamarind  with water in big pan for about 10 minutes. Add jiggery and let it cook till jiggery dissolve and the mixture thicken a bit. Stir continuously. Add red chili powder, black salt, cumin powder and salt. Stir and simmer for 1-2 minutes. Turn off the stove and let it cool down. Blend the chutney with help of little water till become smooth paste. Strain the chutney through a strainer. Transfer in to a bowl and keep aside.
For Sweet Yogurt,
* Mix all the ingredients in ro a bowl with help of 2 spoon of water and whisk till smooth. Keep aside.
For Pakodas,
*Take besan flour in a big bowl, add salt, garlic paste, chopped cilantro and chaat masala. Mix and add sufficient water to make a medium thin batter.
Heat the oil. Dip the Spinach and Kale leaf one by one in the batter and deep fry till crisp. Drain and place on a paper towel. Cut the Pakodas in bit size. Sprinkle chaat masala on them.
For Serving,
* Transfer Spinach and Kale mix Pakodas on serving plates.
*Drizzle all 3 chutneys and sweet yogurt on them.
*Sprinkle mix of chopped onions, bell peppers, boiled potatoes and cilantro.
*Sprinkle on top  with sev.
* Serve immediately.
Add chutney according to your taste.
     Another delicious avatar of chaat, Spinach-Kale Pakoda Chaat..!!!!!
         As we all know, Health Is Wealth so take good care of yourself till next time.